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Rates for advertising are as follows:

Single section listings with a business card size ad.

You will get a business card size add, listed in the section of your choice. This can either be a scan of your business card or artwork of the same size. Just provide us with the information and we will create something we are sure you will like.

Free links to information pages on our site, or links to your own exsisting site if you already have one.



Free updates of personal information, phone numbers, addresses, basic information.


Multiple listings are a low cost way of reaching the most customers.


$ 10 each/yr/listing


We will set up additional linked pages with personal information, including pictures and information about you and your services. This is an economical way to make a web presence. Without all of the hassle of setting up your own web site. If you already have a website we will link your directory listing to it, for free.


$250 for creation

$50/year Maintenance

Includes one free slide show, short video, or flash presentation!


Slide shows/video and flash presentations.


$50 one time charge for creation

Changes to personal pages

By quote/minimal change, minimal cost.

We want to keep you up to date and will be here to make changes for you.

Create a stand alone website for your business. Domain names run from $5 to $15/year. Server space for a basic package $5/month for a 1 year purchase ageement.

To view some of the sites we have created for others.

Click here

Average cost of a 10 page website $500.

You will purchase and own the domain name and server space.


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