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Our Mission


Our Mission Part 1

To provide a single place online to find the contractors around the Grand Lake area

to get those projects done that all of us desire from time to time.


Tired of looking through all of the different phone books looking for someone to do the job?

Well, our hope is to provide a single place for you to find the service you are looking for.

Our Mission Part 2


To provide a place for the merchants around the lake to advertise their goods and what they have to offer to all to make their lake life a more wonderful experience.

The Forum

We have also set up a forum for you to be able to contact and message the providers that are listed here.

You can either email the participating advertisers or use our "private message" system.

And as a service to all of the lake folk we have a section for.......

Free Classifieds

This section can be found on the Forum

Just Click on the Forum link on the main page to enter.

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